You may be wondering, what makes a SuperNerd?
I have lived in 4 countries, 11 cities, attended 6 elementary schools, 4 high-schools, 2 universities and 2 colleges ; I have always been the new kid. 
Books became my escape, when fitting in became too challenging.
Understanding human behavior allowed me to navigate constant language, cultural and societal shifts.

My nervous breakdown in 2017 brought all who I was was colliding together, and for the first time, I couldn't see myself as anyone other than Miss SuperNerd. The nickname that had been a consistent reminder that I was always on the outside looking in, had evolved into a declaration of my multi-faceted evolution.
Somewhere along the line being a globally raised philomath with a love a affair for the Marvel Universe, manga, tech, human behavior, anthropology and travel; the nickname I received at 5 for falling in love with Wolverine...just began to fit.
Now all of who I am, bleeds into every business, project and production I am a part of. From my media partnerships, to my brand strategy agency, mindfulness brand, podcast and more; I am passionately, unapologetically the SuperNerd.

How I Serve

Certified Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

Digital & Experiential Branding Consultant

TICO Luxury Hospitality & Event Specialist

Certified CX & UX Design Strategist

Certified Scrum Master

DEI Tech Career Mentor

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I was raised by great grand-parents who taught me that your legacy is only as relevant as the lives you improve. After taking a step back from all things Nerdy to focus on my health, my commitment to being a catalyst of elevation for my communities is stronger than ever.

I am excited to share and and invite you into the experiences my network and I are working on for Q4

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